Place Your Order Now With One of These 3 Awesome Local Restaurants

Stomach rumbling? No time or will to cook? Sounds like you’re in the mood for takeout! As the pandemic continues, it’s likely that you haven’t been able to sit down at your favorite restaurants for a hearty meal. But, you can achieve the next best thing by placing a takeout order with one of these beloved establishments in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Check out our list below!

True Food Kitchen
8383 Preston Center Plaza #100
Dallas, Texas 75225

Want a healthy meal that will adhere to your dietary restrictions? Allow the chic, eco-friendly True Food Kitchen to prepare your choice of health-conscious dishes, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals. They also offer cocktails and family-style meals, which can be picked up and served to up to six people. Best of all, True Food Kitchen is offering takeout options via their online portal.

Sikhay Thai Lao Restaurant & Boba Tea & Pho
3301 Northeast 28th Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76111

A family-style restaurant through and through, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better traditional Thai & Laotian restaurant than Silkhay Thai Leo Restaurant, which serves up curry, noodles, stir fry dishes, and more. They also have a wonderful selection of pho and – as the restaurant name suggests – boba, or bubble, teas. When you’re ready to cover, simply head to their website and put in your requests there.

H3 Ranch
105 East Exchange Avenue
Fort Worth, Texas 76164

Treat yourself to a hearty meal from H3 Ranch when you place a takeout order with this well-known steakhouse! When you’re in the mood for a well-cooked steak, H3 Ranch is a great place to go for wood-fired steaks that range from budget-friendly Ribeyes to top-of-the-line Filets. Their menu also boasts appetizing sides and starters, as well as Southern-style desserts you’ll crave for days afterward.

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