3 Online Games That You Will Absolutely Love Playing With Your Friends

Game night offers you a great way to bond with friends and enjoy each other’s company, all while engaging in new or classic games. Though you may believe that game night must only be reserved for friends in your immediate area, the truth is, you can host a game night with friends from all over the country or world, if you choose to play an online game. These 3 games are fun to play and require little more than a computer, a sturdy internet connection, and willing participants. Check it out!


Pictionary lovers will enjoy hours of fun with Skribbl, the online version of the game that requires all players to take turns drawing pictures based on words or phrases for everyone else to guess. The free online version allows you to play with up to 12 of your friends in a private room, and you’ll also enjoy other perks, like being able to create your own categories.

Remote Insensitivity

Cards Against Humanity practically revolutionized party games, and if you’re missing out on the real thing with your group of friends, fear not! Remote Insensitivity is able to replicate the fun of a good Cards Against Humanity round online. Simply join a game with up to five other people, and complete ridiculous, sometimes risqué fill-in-the-blank statements with a phrase of your choosing.


Settlers of Catan is a classic game, which is why Colonist is a must-try. The online version of Settlers of Catan places you hundreds of years back in time when you must build your civilization and expand your territory as you wish. Play for free with up to three of your friends, or purchase an expansion pack, which expands participant limits and includes variations of the base game.

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