3 Uniquely Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary at Home

Whether you’ve been together for a few months or several years, your anniversary with your significant other is a big deal, and worth celebrating every year. However, as we navigate the coronavirus pandemic, you might be finding it hard to go the usual route with your anniversary plans. Luckily, there are a few ways to embrace the moment at home. Check out these 3 suggestions.

Tackle a New Project

Relationships are all about teamwork – and, coincidentally enough, so are most projects, whether around your apartment or out in the greater community. This year, celebrate your union by partnering up once more to knock out a home-related task, like finally rearranging your home office, or extend your reach by tackling a community service project.

Purchase a Combined Gift

It can feel silly to buy your partner a gift every anniversary, especially right now, when many people are facing financial hardship and employment uncertainty in the wake of the pandemic. However, splitting the purchase a combined gift – as in, something both of you want – is a sweet way to remind the other person that you care about their needs, and want to indulge them, even during current circumstances.

Plant Something

Plants are not only a trendy home décor item, but they are also a living, breathing organism that requires care, attention, and just the right amount of food and water. You could even say that caring for a plant is similar to caring for a pet! So, consider purchasing a planter and filling it with a new plant. You’ll be able to watch it grow and blossom over time – just like your relationship.

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